Presented here are two DRAFT calendars that will be going before the school board for first reading at the March 11, 2020, meeting.

Both school year calendars start the day after Labor Day, September 8, 2020, with the last day of school on June 17th.

The main difference between the two calendars is how state mandated teacher professional development is organized and placed across the school year.

Draft A - Full Day Professional Development - This is the format of our current school year calendar, with all teacher professional development scheduled as 6 whole work days during the year.  The primary benefit of this calendar is minimal interruption to the daily instructional routines at all grade levels, but in particular the elementary school.  The difficulty of the this schedule for the middle and high schools is consistent and regular collaboration time for data and program review to aid in student intervention.  There have been issues expressed by parents for finding childcare on the extra days off, while others have found it a positive for family time.

Draft B - Early Release Professional Development - This is a modified return to the previous model of early release of students on Fridays to make time for mandated teacher professional development and collaboration time.  In this model, students would be released from school between 1:00-1:25pm every other Friday.  The benefits to this schedule are that students are in school 6 more days per year and have more regular contact with teachers and staff.  This schedule provides planning and collaboration time at all buildings to aid in student interventions, but does so every other week.  This is different from prior year early release calendars when students were out early each Friday, which did create difficulty in maintaining a consistent weekly teaching environment especially at the elementary school. In this early release model there is only one modified schedule every two weeks on a Friday.  Rather than having early pickups by parents or busing arrivals every Friday, the early release only happens once every two weeks.

The difference in instructional time across all levels is approximately one day between the two calendar types.

School Site
Full Day Calendar
Instructional Hours
Early Release Calendar
Instructional Hours
Elementary School928 hours per year923 hours per year
Middle School990.5 hours per year996.5 hours per year
High School1028.5 hours per year1037.7 hours per year