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Welcome to Miss Dietrich’s Elementary Music Homepage 2016-2017

This year's theme is: CAUTION...Making music may cause sudden outbursts of:
Joy, Happiness, Energy, Creativity, Kindness, Excellence and Fun! 
This year's music lessons will focus on world music and specifically African music. Through the gracious generosity of Western Lane Community Foundation, Siuslaw Elementary School was awarded a grant to purchase a set of Djembe drums and small percussion instruments for our students to learn to play. 
World music provides students with the chance to marvel at the variety of ways that the impulse to make music plays out in different cultures. Listening to music selections from around the world will broaden our students' sound base, leading to captivated students who celebrate the diversity of the musical experience. Music from other cultures is a prime way to introduce students to new musical genres. Part of the reason to create listening lessons of world music is to note the similarities and differences across cultures, to celebrate our global diversity. I create lesson plans to excite learners and lead them to making new connections about the diversity of the musical experience in the world.

I embrace the music education philosophy that states, “Caring about the whole child means honoring all aspects of their musical expression.” I believe in a “child-centered” way of learning music. There are nine National Standards for Music Education I will be implementing throughout the course of the year. 

It is an honor to serve Siuslaw Elementary students as their Music Specialist.  Music has been a positive influence in my life, and it is my sincerest desire to pass along my passion for music ~ to encourage your children to keep the beat in their feet ~ to sing, dance, and play music!


Last Modified on June 28, 2016