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    Name: John Whisler
    Email Address: jwhisler@siuslaw.k12.or.us
    Phone number:541.997.5407

    Hello, and welcome to Title I Reading.  
    At the fourth and fifth grade level, students are expected to use their reading skills to learn from informational text and to be able to understand age-appropriate literature.
    Our purpose is to support students who could benefit from extra reading instruction targeted to their needs.  We serve students in small groups with comprehension and vocabulary development, as well as development of  multi-syllabic word reading skills.  We practice locating and working with information in informational text, and analyzing the craft and structurein literary text. 
    We use direct-instruction of academic and content vocabulary words.  We use reading fluency and word-decoding programs to enhance reading speed and understanding. We read novels, short stories, and short informational passages to practice reading text closely and interact with it in meaningful ways.  Students write in response to their reading.
    Homework Help and a Quiet Work Space 
    Room 15 is open every morning before school for students in 3rd through 5th grades to do homework, read a book, or quietly play a board game. 
    Tired of Your Old Books? 
    Here in room 15, we have a trading library, where students can come and trade in a book they no longer want for a book from our selection of gently used books.  This is open every morning before school and at the 9:35 recess.
    After School Support
    Reading interventions extend into the late afternoon in the Twilight After School Program.  Students  participate in lessons with informational and literary text to practice skills learned during the regular school day.