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    Volunteer to mentor middle and high school students in your community.

    What is Getting Ready to ASPIRE?

    A group mentoring pilot project that introduces planning for training and education beyond high school to middle school students and their families.  The program is structured so that the curriculum fits within the site’s schedule in a way that best suits its existing program. Screened and trained volunteers and site staff will deliver the components of the program to classes or assemblies on a monthly basis. Site staff will be present at all times. The curriculum includes career exploration; college financial planning; high school graduation requirements and course rigor; and the importance of extracurricular and community activities. Each training component is freestanding to make the delivery schedule more flexible.


    Access to Student Programs in Reach of Everyone


    “Getting Ready to ASPIRE” is the new middle school version of a volunteer mentor program administered by Oregon Student Access Commission through ODE.  ASPIRE is Oregon’s official mentoring program to assist students in preparing for education and training beyond high school.


    Siuslaw High School has been doing ASPIRE for about 4 years.  This year is the first year of implementation at Siuslaw Middle School.  Student participation requires written parent permission.


    Students at this level learn about themselves, their personal preferences, and strengths.  They receive assistance in mapping high school and post-high school plans that support their strengths and interests.  Trained mentors present career exploration activities to groups of students each month.  Those activities may be either paper-pencil, or computer based.  Siuslaw Middle School uses the Oregon Career Information System Jr. as their online component.  


    “Siuslaw is one of only 18 middle schools in the state currently offering the free ASPIRE program.  We are very excited, because already for this first component, we have over 85% student participation, and 10 highly committed volunteer mentors.  We couldn’t be more pleased.”


    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer ASPIRE mentor at Siuslaw Middle School, please contact Parma Roe, ASPIRE Staff Coordinator at 541-997-8241


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