April 23 - Informational Updates

Executive Order 20-20 of Governor Kate Brown released April 23rd - Continued Suspension of In-Person K-12 Instructional Activities

The Oregon Department of Education has released updated guidance for grading and evaluation of students in grades K-8.  The full document can be found here. In the updated Section Six: Supporting our Students in Grades K-8 (staring on Page #74), the details on grading follow along in the same basic as previously released for students in Grades 9-11.

Students in Grades K-5 are typically evaluated on grade level standards on scale of 1 to 5 for each standard. The local marks of a 3, 4, and 5 will be a note of 'passing' or 'proficient' at that grade level standard. The local mark of 2 will mean that a student is 'in progress' for that standard. The local mark of 1, which typically notes that proficiency cannot yet be determine because of a lack of evidence due to either enrollment or attendance, will not be used.

Students in Grades 6-8 are typically evaluated on a standard A-F grading scale. In applying the guidance, no regular letter grades will be issued. Students that have demonstrated sufficient evidence of progress will receive a P grade, noting that the student has passed the course. Students that have not accumulated enough evidence to demonstrate passing will receive an I grade, meaning that that course is currently in progress. No marks that make note of an F or 'failing' will be issued.

Prior to the official start of distance learning in Oregon, supplemental learning packets for the weeks of March 16th-20th, March 30th-April 3rd and April 6th-10th were available for students.  Supplemental learning packets if returned for evaluation by their teacher will be used as additional evidence towards passing a course or proficiency towards a class standard, and will off-set any classwork that was not able to be completed prior to March 13th.  Supplemental learning packets will only be evaluated to bring students grade marks up to passing or proficient now that distance learning is in progress.

Students receiving special education services will be evaluated in their coursework based upon their progress towards their individual developmental goals as part of their IEP plan.  Student work on supplemental learning packets can also be used to demonstrate progress towards IEP goals.





Dear Siuslaw families,

Last night the Oregon Department of Education released updated guidance on class and credit completion for students in Grades 9, 10 & 11.

In summary, students in Grades 9, 10, & 11 across Oregon will be working this spring to complete the essential skills for classes to earn credit towards while being graded as Pass/Incomplete. Our goal here locally is to provide both students and teachers with the time and flexibility to complete these essential skills during this time of distance learning. Grading all classes across the state as Pass/Incomplete creates a more level field while striving to hold students, and their GPAs, harmless as a result of the current crisis.

Shortly, ODE will release guidance on how grading should be handled from Kindergarten through 8th grade. It is anticipated that the same Pass/Incomplete criteria will be applied to middle school and elementary school students also.

The ultimate goal of distance learning now is to provide students with the greatest opportunity to be ready to resume a normal school year next fall. The time spent now by students and teachers in distance learning will prepare everyone for the smoothest transition possible into next school year. Juniors will become Seniors and continue their journey towards commencement. And each student in all other grades will take their next educational step. Whether it is 8th graders becoming high schoolers or 5th graders making the leap to middle school, everyone is moving upward together.

If you would like to read through the ODE guidance is it uploaded to the district website and can be found through these links – April 15th ODE memo https://5il.co/f6ly and the updated ODE Distance Learning document is located at https://5il.co/f6lw.

Also important during this closure period is the physical and emotional welfare of the students, beyond their educational needs. Please feel free to reach out to staff for assistance, especially the school counselors. Since most staff are off campus and working remotely, using email may be the best option to reach staff. There is a common email of 97j@siuslaw.k12.or.us that is monitored daily and will be directed to proper people for assistance. Voicemail messages at 541-997-2651 are also monitored daily and directed to the person that fits that request.

As there is more solid, concrete information about future events related to the school closure, distance learning and other academic milestones, the district will continue to pass them along.

Be safe, be well, and take care of each other in these trying times….and we will make it out the other side!


Andrew S. Grzeskowiak

Siuslaw SD 97J Superintendent






High School & Middle School - Distance Learning

As you may have heard the Oregon Department of Education has tasked us with Distance Learning for All with April 13th as our date to be fully prepared and ready to go. The great news is we have already been working towards this the last three weeks. All work from March 16th through April 12th is supplemental and will not count against students grades. Supplemental work packets will be used as a substitute for any missing work prior to the mandated closure and to raise a class grade. Students may use that time to bring up their previous grades and do the supplemental work to keep their minds sharp. Supplemental work packets are the bridge between school before the mandated closure and the move to distance learning for the upcoming future. Just like music or athletics, practice gets you ready for performance.

The middle and high school levels we will be using Google Classroom and Google Meet to deliver the majority of our distance learning. Additional chromebooks can be checked out Friday (April 3rd) at the Middle School (2525 Oak Street) from 10:30am to 1:00pm. Teachers are creating curriculum and learning opportunities that take into account the many challenges that our families are facing and ensuring equity for all of our students. Printing materials will not be required.

Distance learning packets will be available for students that are unable to access the internet from home. Teachers will have times available for students and parents to call or email with questions or need other assistance with distance learning work. Distance learning packets will be mailed out once a week to students with self-addressed stamped envelopes so that you can return them.

Supplemental learning packets can be returned at the schools during material pick up times or dropped off at one of the food distribution sites in the community. If you have not yet received a supplemental work packet for the closure period, please call or email and we can have one ready for you soon.

Elementary School Students - Distance Learning

As you may have heard the Oregon Department of Education has tasked us with Distance Learning for All. Our teachers are working hard to meet the challenge and we will be ready to go by Monday, April 13th.

In the meantime we have another round of paper packets ready to distribute to K-5 students on Friday, April 3rd. Packets will be delivered to all lunch bus stops and will also be available for pick-up at the Middle School. We will also be ready to collect any work students completed in the first round of packets.

As teachers prepare for Distance Learning, we know we will need to provide a device for accessing the internet. These devices will not be available to Elementary students with the homework packets this week. We will notify families when they will be available for online learning.