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    Name: John Whisler
    Email Address: jwhisler@siuslaw.k12.or.us
    Phone number:541.997.5407

    Hello, and welcome to Fifth Grade!   

    Welcome to your child’s fifth grade year! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming school year. We have a lot of fun plans in place both for the school and for the classroom. To begin with, my name is Mr. Whisler, and I’ve been the 4/5 Title I Reading teacher here for the past 3 years. I had a few of my current students as reading students, and I’m glad to have them all day.

    Let’s talk about homework. Home work from me will be very simple; it will normally be a math worksheet and 20 minutes of reading, plus filling out a reading log entry for those 20 minutes. There is a daily planner in the kids’ homework folders that will list the homework and special events; I’d like you to look at it each day. We’ll have free time at the end of the day on Friday for anyone who did all their homework during the week.

    Students will be assigned jobs in the classroom, helping to keep the room neat, clean, and organized, so they can practice taking care of their workspace. We have a class pet, a Venus fly trap, which we’ll choose a name for soon.

    Our reading program for this year is Scholastic Storyworks, which is a monthly magazine with all sorts of fiction and non-fiction texts, with accompanying videos and articles read aloud by the authors.

    Our math program this year is Math Connects, which will be supplemented by other materials.

    5th grade Social Studies units are: Early Explorers, The American Colonies, the American Revolution, and U.S. States and Regions.

    Science this year will be taught using the amazing Mystery Science program which will help us help the student get hands-on understanding of scientific concepts.

    I’m using an app/web site called ClassDojo to track behaviors and to communicate with you. You can see how your child is doing in class behaviorally and we can message one another with any questions or concerns through the app. (Of course, you can always reach me at my school e-mail, jwhisler@siuslaw.k12.or.us, or my school phone number, 541-997-5408.)

    I’m using another helpful app/website called GoNoodle to give the kids either an energy boosting or relaxing brain break a few times per day. Sometimes they need to get up and move, other times they need to sit still and breathe. I’ve already heard positive comments about it from the kids.