• Welcome Siuslaw School Volunteers!

    Your commitment of time and talent will enrich, enliven, and expand the horizons of our youth.  Your partnership with our teachers and other staff will make a meaningful difference as you provide the individualized attention needed by so many of today’s students.

    Volunteer Handbook, On-line Application and Background Check
    Siuslaw School District is in need of volunteers who enjoy working with children and are willing to help out a few times each month during the school year.  No teaching experience is necessary.   Classroom teachers utilize volunteers for reading groups, material preparation, chaperoning field trips and more!
    Please complete the following steps.  The entire process should take approximately 15 minutes.  
    STEP 2 -- Complete the on-line application and background check.  Background checks are good for two years.
    STEP 3 -- You will receive an email once you are approved.  Contact Vonnie McClellan at vmcclellan@siuslaw.k12.or.us or  call 541-997-2651 with any questions or concerns.
    If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Siuslaw, you are welcome to attend an orientation at the school district office.  This orientation will include a question and answer time along with a tour of the school.  Please contact Vonnie McClellan at 541-997-2651 for more information.
    Important --- Submit Your Hours
    It is very important that you submit the hours that your volunteer.  Please choose one of the following methods for submitting this information to the district: 
    1)  Sign-in at each school office.  Volunteer Hours may also be tracked on computers in each of the school offices.  
    2)  Home Access Click here to enter your volunteer hours from home.
    3)  Volunteer Hours Report To report hours manually, fill out this form and return to the district office at the end of each month you volunteer.

    A Few of the Current Volunteer Opportunities Available:
    S.M.A.R.T. - Start Making A Reader Today

    SMART volunteers meet on Wednesdays from 1:45 to 2:45 at the elementary school.  Volunteers are needed to read with two children for half an hour each from a variety of children's fiction and non-fiction books.  They will provide a positive, one-on-one adult interaction by reading to, listening to, or reading with students.  Contact the coordinator or to learn more about the SMART reading program visit the SMART Website.

    ASPIRE Advisors

    ASPIRE - Access to Student Assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone
    Education and Training Beyond High School
    ASPIRE is a mentoring program that matches trained and supportive adult volunteer mentors with middle and high school students to develop a plan to help them meet their education goals beyond high school.  Click here to learn more about the ASPIRE Mentoring Program.
    Once trained, volunteers will continue on with a handful of advisees until they graduate, usually meeting bi-weekly with juniors and quarterly with sophomores. 

    Contact Bou Kilgore, if you are interested in learning more about ASPIRE. 
    Bou Kilgore, ASPIRE Team Leader Phone 541-997-3788/541-991-1863

     High School Tutors

    Algebra and Geometry tutors needed. Tutors may work with individual students depending on their mutual  availabilities.  Contact SHS Lead Volunteer Carol Jolley at carjo1@winfinity.com or (541) 902-9343 for more information.

    Junior Prom Advisor

    Volunteer needed to work with the Jr. class officers and prom committee to put on the Jr/Sr prom at the Florence Events Center.  Pre-planning stages normally start in Nov or Dec.  There may be little fundraising that needs to be done, but the class started fundraising their sophomore year and have a great start.  Prom meetings can be held during Pride period, lunch or after school and generally meet more frequently as the date gets closer.

    Please contact: Gina Castro-Brandt, gcastrobrandt@siuslaw.k12.or.us or 541-997-3448 

     Click here for more opportunities.

    Many more opportunities are available, for more information please contact:

    Vonnie McClellan
    Administrative Assistant
    Siuslaw School District 97J
    Phone:  (541) 997-2651
    Fax:  (541) 997-6748
    Email: vmcclellan@siuslaw.k12.or.us

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Siuslaw School District 97J!

Last Modified on February 9, 2017