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    Mr. McNeill
    Mathematics Teacher
    Room 12

    Please feel free to contact me. Email is preferred as I check it several times daily. Please only call my classroom before (8:00-8:20am) or after (3:15-3:45pm) school.

    Siuslaw High School: (541) 997-3448
    Classroom: (541) 997-5489
    * Please leave a message if I'm unavailable and I will return your call at my next convenient opportunity.

    CONTENT LINKS (links on left margin):

    1) Teacher's Bio Page: This link provides you with some interesting facts and information about me.

    2) Course Information Pages: These links will take you to a page with links to each course's syllabus (which includes a brief description of the course, course materials, grading policy, and behavioral and classroom expectations), letter to parents/guardians, and other information related to the course.
    3) Weekly Course Schedules: These links will take you to a weekly schedule for each course. The weekly schedule will provide the date of lesson, lesson topic, and assignment as well as dates of upcoming quizzes or tests.  Other important messages may be posted at the top of this page.

    4) Geometry Standards:  These links will take you to a specific page with links to the standards which include related learning targets and key vocabulary terms for that standard.

    5) Website Links:  Provides links to useful resources, including links to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, helpful tutorial sites, textbook related sites and TI83 calculator tutorial webpages.

    Parents:  Please encourage your son/daughter to come in for extra help before (8:10-8:25am) or after (3:15-4:00pm) school. If I am unavailable, please encourage them to seek out the assistance of another available math teacher (Mrs. Campbell or Mrs. Williams). We are all here to help your student succeed.

    Teaching Schedule:
    Period 1 Geometry
    Period 2 Geometry
    Period 3 Geometry
    Period 4 Algebra 2
    Period 5 Geometry
    Period 6 Prep
    Period 7 Algebra 2



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