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    Welcome to Miss Dietrich’s Elementary Music Homepage 2017 ~ 2018
    This year's theme is: Siuslaw Elementary School ~ Keep the Great Music Coming!
    Siuslaw elementary students are quite fortunate to have a music education program. Music enriches students' lives and education. One of the essential benefits for kids' engagement in music class is that music keeps kids interested and engaged in school. Student musicians are likely to stay in school to achieve in other subjects. Music can shape abilities and character. Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures. Another boost for children playing music on unpitched or pitched instruments is that children can develop their math and pattern recognition skills with the help of music education.Artistic education develops the whole brain and develops a child's imagination. Music education fosters well-rounded students.
    Music teachers can reach kids like no other teacher can. It is pretty special that since an elementary music teacher has every child in their school, a lot of times they get to see them grow up right before their eyes. It is really special how I could get a kindergartner who knew nothing about music and couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and by the 5th grade, they ended up being one of my top singers for a concert performance! From the second the children cross the threshold of the music room, we are doing non-stop learning. Is music education really THAT important? I can't imagine a world where there is no music or music education to inspire our students' lives. 
    Music is universal and is the only "language" that everyone all over the world, no matter what spoken language they use, can understand. I believe that quality music education is an absolute must! Music learning supports all learning. A child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. 
    Siuslaw School District 97J has wise foresight in offering music education at every grade level K-12. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. There is some good neuroscience research that indicates that children involved in music have larger growth of neural activity than people not in music training. When you're a musician and you're playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain! 
    Our theme this year is quite appropriate for launching the 2017-2018 school year. Siuslaw Elementary School ~ Keep the Great Music Coming!  I embrace the music education philosophy that states, “Caring about the whole child means honoring all aspects of their musical expression.” I believe in a “child-centered” way of learning music. There are nine National Standards for Music Education I will be implementing throughout the course of the year. 
    It is an honor to serve Siuslaw Elementary students as their Music Specialist.  Music has been a positive influence in my life, and it is my sincerest desire to pass along my passion for music ~ to encourage your children to keep the beat in their feet ~ to sing, dance, and play music!


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