Listed below are the potential calendars the School Board is considering for the 2019-2020 School Year.

There are three primary changes to the school year calendar from past years.

#1 - Conferences have been moved up into the sixth week of each semester.  The goal is provide parents & guardians with information to assist students earlier in the term, rather than after quarter report cards come out.

#2 - Conference weeks are now scheduled as three full days of school Monday through Wednesday, with Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday and Friday.  There would be no school for students on those conference days.  An examination of the half-day of school prior to afternoon conferences showed abnormally student absence rates.

#3 - Spring Conferences for High School students have been restored.  All three schools will be on the same schedule for spring conferences, rather than elementary and middle school students being off school while high school students were in regular session.  This lead to confusion and childcare issues for many families.

Standard School Year Calendar - This is the traditional calendar, beginning on the Tuesday after Labor Day and ending in early June.

If you are interesting in sharing your input and thoughts on the calendar for next school year with School Board, please click on the survey link right here - 2019-2020 School Calendar Survey

180 Calendar - The Governor has proposed several school improvement initiatives this legislative session, including extending the school year for Oregon's students. This is a preliminary draft of an extended school year, but will not be approved until details are passed by the state legislature in late May or early June.