Flash Alert


Siuslaw School District uses FlashAlert, an Internet-based system for delivering changes in schedule (such as snow closures), and other news, to the news media.

Message delivery has been extended directly to the public through FlashAlert Messenger. A free iOS/Android APP, FlashAlert Messenger, lets you receive emergency messages through Push Notification. Text messages need to be accepted into your carrier’s text message channel and screened for spam. During crunches, cell companies have taken an hour or longer to deliver some messages (and it seems to be getting worse). Push Notification(using the APP), on the other hand, travels a non-stop path from FlashAlert to the APP on your phone. Plus, there are no per-message charges and PN also works on Wi-Fi only devices. And the app will allow you to see all of the recent news posted in your region.

To register, go to FlashAlert.net and click on "Manage your Messenger Subsription" at the top of the page.  You will then be prompted to register a password and continue with the process.  The APP process is simple. iOS and Android users download and open the free FlashAlert Messenger APP on your cellphone. Enter the email address and password for your current FlashAlert account and the APP will link to it. The APP may ask permission to send you Push Notifications. That’s it. You will continue to make changes to your account (i.e. adding schools or organizations you want to hear from or changing an email address) the way you always have, at www.FlashAlertMessenger.net/login.html

Please be aware that with the proliferation of spam and the resulting spam filters, it is impossible to guarantee message delivery. And remember that message delivery is dependent on cell companies accepting in a timely fashion the messages we send to them to send to you. Messages not accepted by cell phone companies after one hour will be deleted from the system to avoid the confusion that may be created by a late-arriving message.

All addresses registered on FlashAlert will remain confidential. Once a year, you will receive an email at your registered email address asking if you wish to continue your subscription.