Attendance Counts!

Missing a class or full day of school can really add up over time.  Lost instructional time can have significant impacts on student learning.  For years, studies have shown that when students regularly attend school they are far more likely to graduate, more likely to attend college and more likely to have a successful career.

The demands of our students in school today are much different than when most of us went to school. When I graduated from high school, for instance, students needed 20 credits and there was no state testing requirement. Today, students need 24 credits and have higher demands for academic coursework in addition to state testing. Another example of this is that the high school graduation requirement for math used to be the completion of Algebra. Now, the beginning point for high school math is Algebra, and students must take an additional two years of math on top of that. The demands placed on kids now to prepare them for 21st Century careers is drastically different than what we faced at their age. In essence, five years’ worth of high school is now condensed into four years.

Therefore, when students miss even one day, they have more catching up to do than we ever did. If all things were the same, maybe missing a few days here and there wouldn’t be as big a deal, but when you’ve got 30 percent more work to do, you can’t afford to miss that many days—and currently, even our students with relatively good attendance are missing too much school.

I look forward to having a great year with your children and seeing them each and every day.

Mr. Marohl

Attendance Procedures - Reminders & Notes: definitions for all absence types, check-in & check-out procedures during the day, etc.

Middle School Office contact number for all absence related calls from parents and guardians is 541-997-8241