Bus Routes


Transportation Forms - Staff ________________________________________

Transportation Supervisor
Tammy Trenholm
2420 Kingwood St.
Florence, OR 97439
Phone: (541) 997-3816

Transportation Secretary
Laura Miller
2420 Kingwood St.
Florence, OR 97439
Phone: (541) 997-3816                                               

Transportation Coordinator/Driver Trainer
Kaye Fache
2420 Kingwood St.
Florence, OR 97439
Phone: (541) 997-3816 



Alternate Stops and Bus Notes:  Alternate stops and/or bus note passes are not available at this time due to bus/driver shortages and bus capacity.

Transportation will be limited to school to home and home to school except for one Childcare Provider (CCP) location scheduled in advance. An established weekly schedule is required to obtain approval for bus transport to a CCP.  Bus stop schedule changes require advance notice and must be submitted to the school office on a new Transportation Registration Form. Approval is based on bus capacity and seat availability.

Childcare Provider (CCP) Bus Stop Schedule Requirement/Details:  A set weekly schedule is required for both CCP and HOME bus routes when applying for a CCP bus stop. Changes to days of the week bussed to either HOME or CCP location must be requested at least 5 days in advance by submitting an updated Transportation Registration Form.

NOTE: If you have a last minute change and are unable to provide this 5 day advance notice please notify/contact your student’s school directly AND arrange for parent pick-up/alternative transportation for your student.

Early Release Friday:  Expect your student(s) bus to arrive Friday afternoon approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier than it does on the regular Monday-Thursday schedule.                             


A 2022-2023 Transportation Registration form must processed and approved by the Transportation Department prior to transporting your student.

An updated registration form is required each year for your student to ride the bus. Please fill out a new form for each student.

Allow 5 business days for your student to be assigned a bus stop/bus route. This timeline may be extended during the first two weeks of school due to the volume of registration request forms. Register early to ensure your student will be able to ride the bus when school starts.

You will receive notification from the Transportation Department when your bus stop location has been established. We make every effort to contact you with this information and will leave a message if voicemail is available. If you have not heard from us please feel free to reach out to our transportation staff at 997-3816.

Elementary School Students must submit a Blue After-School Plan Form to the Elementary School AND submit a Transportation Request Form to the Transportation Department prior to bussing. Both forms must be submitted and processed prior to bussing your student.

Kindergarten Students are required to submit a special Kindergarten Transportation Registration Form that includes additional information for drop-off. For the safety of your kindergartener, it is required that you submit in writing a list of authorized person(s) to be present upon drop-off. This list cannot be altered verbally; a written correction/addition is required. If there is no authorized party to receive your student at the bus stop, your student will be returned to the school for parent pick-up.