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Board Members:

Position 1, Expiration 6/30/2023

Director -  John Barnett
Position 2, Expiration 6/30/2025

Board Chair - Bob Sneddon
Position 3, Expiration 6/30/2023

Director - Maureen Miltenberger
Position 4, Expiration 6/30/2025

Position 5, Expiration 6/30/2023

Director Kady Sneddon
Position 6, Expiration 6/30/2025

Director - Dianna Pimlott
Position 7, Expiration 6/30/2023

Board Calendar:

The board of directors meet the second Wednesday of each month with the exception of a regular meeting scheduled for September 15, 2021. The board normally meets in the district board room located at 2111 Oak Street in Florence, Oregon. The meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. with work session and the regular meeting will begin at approximately 6:30p.m.  Please see the school calendar on the district website to confirm dates and times or call the district office at 541-997-2651. Meeting agendas and materials will also be posted on the school district website under the current year (left side of this page).

Meetings are live streamed for the public at the following link:

Board Goals:
2020-2023 Superintendent Goals

2020-2023 Board Goals

2019-2020 Board/Superintendent Goals

2018-2019 Board/Superintendent Goals - Revised

Board Operating Protocol:

Board Operating Agreement

Siuslaw Governance Handbook