The use of physical restraint and/or seclusion is only permitted as a part of a behavioral support plan when other less restrictive interventions would not be effective and the student’s behavior poses a threat of imminent, serious physical harm to the student or others. 

Except in the case of an emergency, only staff current in the required training in accordance with the district-designated physical restraint and seclusion training program will implement physical restraint or seclusion with a student. 

In an emergency, physical restraint and/or seclusion may also be used by a school administrator, teacher or other school employee or volunteer as necessary when the student’s behavior imposes a reasonable threat of imminent, serious bodily injury to the student or to others.  

Any room used for seclusion of a student must meet the standards as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-021-0568. 

The district shall utilize the MANDT training program of physical restraints and seclusion for use in the district. As required by state regulation, the selected program shall include: behavioral support, prevention, de-escalation and crisis response techniques. Any program selected by the district must be in compliance with state and federal law with respect to the use of physical restraint and/or seclusion. 

An annual review of the use of physical restraint and seclusion during the preceding school year shall be completed and submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction to ensure compliance with district policies and procedures.

Siuslaw SD Policy JGAB- Use of Restraint and Seclusion

Siuslaw SD Policy JGAB-AR Use of Restraint and Seclusion

Siuslaw SD Summary Report Restraint/Seclusion 2019-20