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Uprise Health - Employee Assistance Program

  • By Phone - call 866-750-1327 - OEBB insurance covers up to 6 counseling sessions

  • Virtually - download the UpriseHealth App from Google Play or the Apple App Store

    • Create an account with your email and the assigned employer code oebb.

    • Complete the Wellbeing Check and receive your wellbeing score.

    • Receive your own personalized recommendations.

    • Get started on your mental health and skill building with videos, audio, and interactive exercises based on your personal preferences.

    • Up to 4 sessions with a coach via phone or unlimited asynchronous chat.

Employee Assistance Program - Optional Benefits Handout from UPRISEHEALTH

State Vaccination Mandate Information (expires June 17, 2023)

The State Vaccination Mandate is still in effect for the 2022-2023 school year. All staff must be incompliance with the regulation to continue to work on campus with students. Staff may meet the vaccination mandate in one of three ways - Proof of Vaccination, Medical Exception or Religious Exception. How to meet compliance with Vaccination Rule OAR 333-019-1030 is detailed below:

#1 - Proof of Vaccination - You may submit either a photo, photocopy, or scan of the Front & Back of your Vaccination Card that clearly shows your - Name and Date of Birth, and the information about the Brand, Lot, and Date of Vaccine doses.

Your Proof of Vaccination may be submitted electronically, by email, to the HR Specialist for the District - Pam Hickson,

#2 - Medical Exception - Attached is a copy of the approved Oregon Health Authority form that must be verified by a medical professional.

  • Download the Attachment from this email

  • then - File - Save As - Your Name Medical Exception

  • Complete all of the relevant personal information about you, send to your doctors office.


  • Your doctor's office completes the verification of the medical condition that prevents vaccination and returns that to you for submission to the district.

Once the form is signed by a medical professional, you may submit the form by email to the HR Specialist for the District - Pam Hickson,

#3 - Religious Exception - Attached is a copy of the approved Oregon Health Authority form that must be completed by you.

  • Download the Attachment from this email

  • then - File - Save As - Your Name Religious Exception

  • As required, complete all information - check each box and describe your religious belief and how it affects your ability to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

  • An electronic signature is acceptable - By typing your name and dating the form, you are declaring that the information is true and accurate.


Attach your completed exception form to a new email and send it to the HR Specialist for the District - Pam Hickson,

Hardcopy, paper forms will NOT BE ACCEPTED thru inter-school mail, by personal drop-off, or other means.

Oregon Administrative Rule 333-019-1030 - text of the law; this second version includes the filing information at the Office of Secretary of State

Medical Exception Form

Religious Exception Form

Unvaccinated staff may choose to continue with weekly surveillance testing programs and that participation would satisfy the reasonable steps to ensure that those teachers, school staff, and volunteers are additionally protected.

Another option for unvaccinated teachers, school staff, and volunteers would be to complete the Reasonable Steps Health Log each day before working with others on campus. The Reasonable Steps Health Log is a Google Form and simple self-certification of 6 health questions about COVID-19 and possible known contact with others that may have COVID-19. This is a process being used as an alternative for unvaccinated staff by other districts in the county.

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School Dude Work Order Request - See 9/2/2021 email from L. Miller for instructions on how to submit a work order request through School Dude or check with school staff if you need assistance.

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