Newly Organized Sections - Under Departments

Financial Services - Information about District budget, finances, levies & bonds

Staff Grant Application Materials

  1. Guidelines for Grants

  2. Grant Application Form - to be completed when applying for any grant that will bring funds into the district for specific classroom or program uses.

Human Resources - The HR section contains union contracts, working calendars, payroll information, TSPC Licensure, Insurance & Benefits, and Mandatory Postings from both state and federal employment agencies. You will also fine Information about position openings & AESOP Substitute Scheduling.

Surplus Equipment Disposition Form - When new equipment is ordered and old materials need to leave your classroom, they must be inventoried out as either surplus or obsolete. Please complete the linked form so that old books and equipment can be properly dealt with and not unnecessarily clutter classrooms and storage spaces.


Uprise Health - Employee Assistance Program

  • By Phone - call 866-750-1327 - OEBB insurance covers up to 6 counseling sessions

  • Virtually - download the UpriseHealth App from Google Play or the Apple App Store

    • Create an account with your email and the assigned employer code oebb.

    • Complete the Wellbeing Check and receive your wellbeing score.

    • Receive your own personalized recommendations.

    • Get started on your mental health and skill building with videos, audio, and interactive exercises based on your personal preferences.

    • Up to 4 sessions with a coach via phone or unlimited asynchronous chat.

Employee Assistance Program - Optional Benefits Handout from UPRISEHEALTH

ParentSquare communication tool -

ParentSquare Teachers - Teacher Training 101 - A simple 4-part video course on all of the basics of ParentSquare. Once you select START COURSE, there are 4 Sections:

  • Section 1 - Overview & Settings

  • Section 2 - Posts & Adding Content

  • Section 3 - Messaging

  • Section 4 - Support & Help

Synergy - SIS Gradebook Login

Siuslaw Google Apps Login

Tech Help Ticket Technology Support Tech Guide 2023

Back to School - Staff

AESOP/Frontline Substitute Scheduling - AESOP/Frontline


Renaissance Place

Unified Talent / TalentED - This is for evaluation cycle documentation and materials tracking of professional educators (Certified personnel).

Professional Growth & Evaluation Handbook - REVISED 5-2024

Professional Growth & Evaluation Handbook Changes 5/2024

Mentor-Mentee Resource Checklist

Classified & Certified Collective Bargaining Agreements - Contracts

Transportation & Travel Reimbursement - Forms

Quick Reference Hub


Oregon Educator Network - OregonEdNet - A tool for sharing resources, strategies & materials amongst teachers in Oregon; endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education.


Special Education Program Guidebook:  Version August 2023

Special Education Referral Process and Form: 

Special Services Special Education Identification

Special Education: Gen Ed Teacher Referral form

Title IA :

Title IA Staff Overview Webinar

Title IA Staff Overview Slides

Title IX: Training Materials and Resources

Siuslaw Title IX Fall Updates and Overvies

US Dept Of Ed Title IX Resources Booklet


Section 504 Handbook- ODE Handbook