We take issues of bullying, harassment and cyberbullying very seriously at Siuslaw Middle School.  Often times, the incidents happen off campus and make their way on campus by being disruptive to the school environment.  

It is very important for parents to know what their child is doing online.  The first line of defense is you.  Parents should be monitoring their children's social media accounts and have full access to all passwords for their own children's safety.

Kids are very tech savvy!  They are growing up in a digital age that we didn't.  Did you about Vault apps?  Vault apps often look and function like a calculator, for example  However, when the correct pin number is selected, it opens up to it's true purpose which is to hide pictures.  These are often inappropriate pictures that can be used for sexting and other cyberbullying activities. How about SPAM accounts?  We often find that students will create multiple social media accounts.  They share only the good stuff with their parents and behave more inappropriately on their SPAM accounts.

For more information, please check out the following guides:

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