The Siuslaw School District has a partnership with the Metro-East Web Academy to provide distance learning education services for Siuslaw students this year.  For students that need an asynchronous, computer-based approach to help them manage medical needs, this can be a great option. This is Siuslaw's 'in-house' digital learning option for students before they would be released to outside, virtual charter schools.

This is not comprehensive distance learning - a series of classes that follows along with regular classes taught by Siuslaw teachers, with Siuslaw students in attendance.  CDL will only be implemented when required by public health for entire grade or school level quarantines. This is for individuals that need, a personal, computer-based option with routine, staff contact to ensure progress.

The process for enrollment in the Metro-East Web Academy is very easy - 

#1 - The Interdistrict Transfer Out form is linked here for MEWA.

This is a fillable form. You can download the form and enter your info and email to 97j@siuslaw.k12.or.us or print and return to the District Office at 2111 Oak Street, Florence OR. If you do not have access to printer, please call 541-997-2651 ext. 5 for assistance, and a paper copy can be provided.

Please return the Interdistrict Transfer Out form the Siuslaw SD District Office - 2111 Oak Street or you can email the form to 97j@siuslaw.12.or.us

#2 - Once you have completed the Transfer Out Form, the next step is to contact MEWA to begin the enrollment process through their website or by calling the MEWA office.

General Informational Summary Sheet about MEWA

MEWA website - www.mewebacademy.org (https://www.mewebacademy.org)

MEWA office - 503-258-4790

#3 - A transfer notice and records request will be sent by MEWA to our school offices, and the process is complete!

To ensure that classes and cohorts stay balanced at every school site, and that high school students maintain all possible credits towards graduation when a student decides to transfer back from Virtual Instruction, a transfer will only occur at the natural breaks in the school year from MEWA, with the grades and credits as assigned in courses as completed by the students at that time.  Just like when students work on credit recovery classes, correspondence courses, or move between the main campus and the alternative school, transitions are ideally made at the natural breaks in the school year - right at the grading periods, so that students can get the most credit for all work done completed in their virtual classes. This helps to provide the student a target goal for class completion and a set date to reach that mark.