Siuslaw School District Tech Plan 2008 - 2012


Oregon Department of Education
Technology Planning
e-Rate Program Technology Planning
Educational Technology

International Society for Technology in Education

University of Oregon College of Education
College of Education - Oba
Global Education - Oba

Disrupting Class - Clayton Christensen
Student-Centric Education is the Future

Online Edge - Will Richardson
Are You an Old School or a Bold School?

Teaching Today
Using Technology to Motivate Middle School Students

Educational Leadership - Will Richardson
Preparing Students to Learn Without Us

Plan. Teach. Share.

Digital Classrooms Take Flight - Ron Schachter
Innovative alternatives are giving the traditional textbook a run for its money

Rethinking Testing in the Age of the iPad - Katie Ash
Schools administer assessments via moblile device

Picking and Choosing Digital Content - Katie Ash
Technology is changing the way Schools think about crafting curricula and buying content

Equipping Teachers to Infuse Technology - Kathy Schrock
A PD expert offers options to meet the needs of your district

Technology Affect on Teaching Profession - Bryan Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel
How Will Technology Affect the Teaching Profession?

Our Digital Conversion - Mark Edwards
The introduction of a 1-to-1 laptop initiative

The Affordability Question - Scott LaFee
Start and sustain 1-to-1 laptop initiative

Expect Surprises With 1-to-1 Laptops - Erich G. Tusch
Putting new tech tools into the hands of every student and staff member

Use of tablet computers is evolutionary, not revolutionary - Don Anderson
Jewell School students get Apple iPads

A New Bloom - David Cochran and Jack Conklin with Susannah Modin
An updated version of the classic Bloom's Taxonomy (pdf)

Three R's for Digital Coaching and Assesment - Andrew Halter and Jeff Finch
Help teachers target higher-order thinking with rigor, relevance, and rubrics (pdf)

Promote Digital Citizenship through School-Based Social Networking - Matthew R. Winn
School-Based Social Networking

Harness the Power of Technology - Arne Duncan
Now is the time to revolutionize the way students learn and the way teachers teach (pdf)