Siuslaw High school - Schedule table correction

With students being separated in cohorts for A & B day attendance and maintaining a third section for Distance Learning students, each section occurs at a different time of day.  The system states the difference between a 1st Period A Class and a 1st Period B class by the time of day that each occurs, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Students still attend classes at their same groups at the same time of day as before, but the 'period' matches the time slot of each day as assigned by the computer.  Class schedules are still the same, but the 'period' number may have changed to match the order it occurs in the time of day.

Student schedules are still the same as before, but tracking of attendance is driven by the time of day a class occurs in the schedule system.

Students still go to their regular classes at the same time each day, but the 'period' number may appear to be different.

UpDated Ready schools, Safe Learners - March 22, 2021

Following up on the Governor's Executive Order of March 12, 2021, updated guidance has been released by the Oregon Department of Education.  With today's release of updated physical distancing guidelines to parallel the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control on March 19, 2021, any changes to school operations will not take place until the start of the 4th quarter, in April.  This means that no new changes will be implemented as students immediately come back from Spring Break.  To make sure that any operational changes are implemented thoughtfully and communicated out to students and families in advance, the last two weeks of the quarter coming out of Spring Break will have students in their same academic schedules at all buildings.

The school operating health metrics have also reverted back to a mandatory status, rather than advisory.  But this change in the health metrics is much simpler than before with only 3 status groups, rather than 4, with greater ability to remain open unless there are large swings in the health conditions of a school, community or county.  And this is all related to how schools plan for potential COVID-19 scenarios in schools.


Additional guidance and updates to Ready Schools, Safe Learners is anticipated to be delivered to schools across Oregon in the week of March 15, 2021.  The Siuslaw schools are already in compliance with all mandates in the Governor's most recent Executive Order #21-06, directing schools not currently having some sort of on-site to do so by March 29 for students in grades K-5 and April 19 for students in grades 6-12.

If there are any significant operational changes required or allowed in any updated Oregon Department of Education guidance in Ready Schools, Safe Learners, those changes will be implemented at the start of the 4th quarter in April.  This is the last week of school before Spring Break and when students return from vacation, there will be two weeks remaining in the current 3rd quarter grading period.  To avoid creating any confusion or disruption, any operational changes will be implemented after the start of the next quarter, if required.

Hybrid Reopening February 2021 - Letter - This is the same content as the mass email, news and Facebook post of February 19, 2021, with information and links on hybrid reopening for Siuslaw schools and information about Abbott BinaxNOW testing that will be offered in March if students feel ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus. 

Hybrid RE-opening - notes & Dates

As we approach the start of on-site instruction each school will be sending out individual operational notes related to their unique schedule.

Siuslaw Elementary School begins their hybrid instruction on Monday, February 22, 2021. Mr. H’s team has already contacted parents and guardians determine what students will remain in distance learning and what students are coming onto campus in a hybrid rotation. The SES Family Handbook for Hybrid Learning is linked here or found on the front page of the SES website.

Looking at the OHA health metric reports, the middle and high school should begin on-site instruction on March 8, 2021. The health report for the week of March 1st will be the confirmation to begin the hybrid phase-in. If the downward trend is cases continue, on-campus operations can begin. If you have not had a chance to select yet whether or not your middle or high school student needs to stay in distance learning yet, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

COVID-19 safety is a concern for both students and staff. To keep everyone as safe as possible, if people have any of the COVID-19 symptoms they should remain at home and consult their doctor. Before a student is sent off to school, the following health questions should be answered:

  • Does the student have a fever (100.4 F or greater) or chills?
  • Does the student have a new or worsening cough?
  • Is the student experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • Does anyone in their home have current symptoms of COVID-19?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, students should stay home from school.

A complete list of all COVID-19 symptoms can be found on the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Screening for Schools from Lane County Public Health ( https://5il.co/ja2j ). Other health conditions that may prevent a child from attending school or childcare can found on the ‘school exclusion health status’ check sheet from LCPH ( https://5il.co/ja2l ).

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, each school will be offering the Abbott BinaxNOW rapid antigen nasal swab test to students if they show symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus. The testing program will begin on March 1, 2021. This test is a self-administered nasal swab test that students can perform themselves, under the supervision of school staff, and get results in 15 minutes. Parent consent is required before testing can be done. The BinaxNOW consent form is available here or at your local school office. More information on the testing program can be found here on the on school re-opening information page of the district website.

If you have individual questions about student schedules during hybrid instruction or other school specific questions, please feel free to reach out the building principal. The Siuslaw School District looks forward to seeing students back on campus!

Hybrid Re-opening Materials

Please check the individual building sites and feeds for school specific details about student schedules, attendance rotation days and other unique details.

Siuslaw Elementary School - Full school elementary on-site hybrid instruction is set to being February 22, 2021

Siuslaw Elementary School - Oregon Department of Education Operational Blueprint for Hybrid Instruction

Siuslaw Middle and Siuslaw High Schools are tentatively set to begin on-site instruction on March 8, 2021.  The Oregon Health Authority Health Metric Report scheduled for release on March 1, 2021, would be the confirmation report to begin on-site operations.  This last week, the case rates in Lane County dropped under 200 cases per 100k for the first time since the changes and updates to state guidance.

Siuslaw Middle School - Oregon Department of Education Operational Blueprint for Hybrid Instruction

Siuslaw High School - Oregon Department of Education Operational Blueprint for Hybrid Instruction

School site covid-19 testing

February 19, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Oregon Department of Education, ODE, in collaboration with the Oregon Health Authority, OHA, on January 19th provided schools with an updated Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance document. This guidance outlines health and safety requirements, which schools must implement to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Effective March 1, 2021 ODE is advising all Oregon School Districts, which includes Siuslaw School District (SSD 97J), to offer free, on-site COVID-19 testing. Individuals who either display signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or have been known to have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 may be tested.

The test is designed to quickly identify COVID-19 cases in K-12 schools, interrupt viral spread through households and in classrooms, reduce the risk for students and staff participating or returning to in-person instruction. The test, Abbott BinaxNOW rapid point-of-care antigen test, are being provide through the Federal Government to states.

The Abbott BinaxNOW rapid point-of-care antigen test is a nasal swab test. The swab test is self-administered under the supervision of a trained school staff member. The person testing will be instructed to rotate a sterile swab around the outer edge of each nostril 5 times. The swab will be placed in a chemical solution for 15 minutes. At the conclusion of the 15 minutes, the test will register either as a positive or negative result. The results will be shared with the parent or guardian and with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Siuslaw School District is requesting all families sign the attached consent form and return to school by February 26, 2021, if they would like their child to participate in this testing at school. Even with a signed consent form on file, families will be notified before a test is administered if a student is showing symptoms of illness. Whether a test is positive or negative, students who are tested will need to leave campus as part of the Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidelines since they have displayed symptoms of a potentially contagious illness.

If you opt not to sign the consent, please know we will continue with our current practices of notifying parents / guardians when their child displays any signs or symptoms of not feeling well.

If you have any questions, please contact your school’s building administrator.


Andrew S. Grzeskowiak, Superintendent Siuslaw SD97J

Digital Consent Form - This form can be completed in Adobe Acrobat and submitted by email to 97j@siuslaw.k12.or.us or it can be printed, completed by hand and then returned to your child's school office.

Downloadable copy of Binax Testing Information Cover Letter

January 22, 2021 - Updated reopening materials & Guidance

Recently, the Oregon Department of Education released the reopening guidelines for schools following the Governor’s directive in late December for reopening in mid-February. Very important guidance clarifications related to the updated guidance released on January 19th was distributed just this afternoon.

The health metrics that dictate how local schools may operate have changed in two ways; they are now considered to be ‘advisory’ rather than required and the operational ranges have expanded. No other operational mandates for schools were significantly changed or updated.

To ensure the health and safety of students, families and staff as school operations expand to include more on-campus, in-person instruction, all re-opening efforts will comply with the Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance. Documentation that outlines the limits of school operations can be found at the following links –

Oregon Department of Education Ready Schools, Safe Learnershttps://5il.co/itws - This is the full document listing all restrictions and guidelines regarding school reopening

Expanded Health Metrics Summaryhttps://5il.co/itwt - This is a summary from RSSL that outlines operating scenarios based upon health metrics

Weekly School Health Metric Datahttps://www.wesd.org/Page/1282 – This is the weekly data and statistics collection from the Oregon Health Authority that drives the operations guidelines for schools

Research Informing Changes in K-12 Metrics Frameworkhttps://5il.co/ovsf - This is a collection of the scientific research and data used in changing re-opening metrics

Planning for Covid-19 Scenarios in Schoolshttps://5il.co/ovsm - In the event of cases on campus, this document outlines the potential scenarios for illness isolation, temporary school closures and returning to on-campus instruction after illnesses.

School athletic programs will be operating under the indoor and outdoor recreation guidelines, based upon county level risk assessments, until further notice. As conditions change, the Oregon School Activities Association will update the conditions for school athletics as allowed by the Oregon Health Authority –

Sector Risk Level Guidance Charthttps://5il.co/ovss - This is the summary table of activity restrictions

Oregon Counties Covid-19 Risk Levels Summary Table - This is a link to the Oregon Health Authority table of Risk Level assessments by county; and it is updated on a weekly basis.

To help students, parents and the community understand the recently released guidelines from the state and Siuslaw’s reopening framework, a series of virtual information forums will be held January 25th through January 27th from 6:00 to 7:00pm. The Re-Opening Information Sessions will be held in Zoom, and can be accessed through the following link https://siuslaw.zoom.us/j/94881368376

Thank you to all for your patience as school staff navigate implementation of these directives from the state as we all strive to do what is in the best interest of students, families, staff and the community. The administrative team looks forward to answering your questions now that detailed guidance is in hand.


Andrew S. Grzeskowiak, Superintendent Siuslaw SD97J

Downloadable copy of January Reopening Letter

Comprehensive Distance Learning Plans - Siuslaw Schools -

The start of this school year has been pushed out to September 14th to allow for the distribution of materials and orientation training necessary for Comprehensive Distance Learning.  Based upon the initial health metrics set by the Oregon Health Authority, the Siuslaw School District will open in a distance learning mode.  As the metrics favor on-campus operations, limited in-person instruction may occur at some point in October.  When the health metrics allow, the schools will transition into a 'hybrid' learning model, where students attend school on a rotational attendance basis.  The state and county metrics as evaluated in October, will determine when operations may shift to on-campus, near the start of the 2nd academic quarter in November.

Comprehensive Distance Learning Plans - ODE Operational Blueprints

Siuslaw Elementary School

Siuslaw Middle School

Siuslaw High School