Oregon Department of Education Compliance Reports

Integrated Guidance - 6 Initiatives

2023-2025 Integrated Guidance Grant Agreements

Student Investment Account - Integrated Guidance - Board meeting minutes of the presentation of the SIA Grant Agreement on December 13, 2023, along with a simplified activity budget for the Student Investment Account in 2023-24.

Student Investment Account - Grant Agreement 2023-25

High School Success - Grant Agreement 2023-25

Early Indicator & Intervention System - Grant Agreement 2023-25

Integrated Guidance - Combined Grant Budget Overview 2023-24 - This is a simplified table of the planned expenditures within Integrated Guidance for the individual grant agreements posted above: Student Investment Account, High School Success, and Early Indicator & Intervention System. This reflects updated allocations as of September 2023.

Replacing the individual reports and planning cycles for the Student Investment Account, High School Success, Everyday Matters, Early Indicator & Information Systems, Continuous Improvement Planning and Perkins V Career Technical Education initiatives is the new, Integrated Guidance report. The new IG report demonstrates the overlapping, supporting, and integrative planning of these separate grant and activity budgets.

Integrated Plan Development Artifacts

Student Investment Account

2021-2023 Student Investment Account

2020-2021 - SIA Reporting - November 10, 2021 School Board Meeting

2020-2021 Student Investment Account

  • SIA Grant Agreement - Approved - Siuslaw School District

  • Board Resolution - Acceptance of SIA Grant 2020-21

  • Board Meeting Minutes - Approval of SIA Grant Agreement

    Application Process Notes - April 2020 - The following links are copies of documents submitted to the Oregon Department of Education by the Siuslaw School District for as part of the Student Success Act & Student Investment Account. The Student Investment Account follows up on information gathered from students, parents, staff and community members to put funds to use in the areas of reducing class size, increasing instructional time, providing for a more well-rounded education and the health & safety of students. This input and feedback process will occur on an annual basis as part of the accountability measures set in statute by the legislature.  These initial plans were submitted prior to the COVID-19 closure of the schools in Oregon, and therefore implementation may be delayed as state level budgets change in the future.

High School Success - Measure 98

Continuous Improvement Plan


Schools and districts in Oregon are called upon to engage in continuous improvement work to improve outcomes for students. A continuous improvement process is the process by which districts and schools:

  • Determine what is working and what needs to change;

  • Establish a process to engage stakeholders to effect change;

  • Leverage effective practices to implement a plan;

  • Use data to monitor and make timely adjustments to improve outcomes.

The continuous improvement process results in the development of an ambitious, priority-driven action plan where routine collaboration and decision-making among district leaders is reflected throughout implementation.

CIPs are reviewed at regular intervals during the year to adjust strategies and techniques to reach the plan goals.

Division 22 Standards

Reports to Community - Each year, schools across Oregon report to their school board and communities about the basic progress markers required of all public schools that are stated in law.

2022-2023 School Year - Siuslaw

Division 22 Compliance Report to the Community - October 2023 - The Siuslaw School District reports compliance with all state standards for the 2022-23 school year for public schools in Oregon. The Division 22 Standards were first reported in September 2023 and once again for a Second Presentation at the October 11, 2023, Board of Directors Meeting (link to meeting minutes).

Previous School Year Division 22 Postings

ESSER III Planning & Documentation

Prior Years Documentation - For school years 2022-23 and 2021-22

  • ESSER III - Integrated Planning Tool Update - December 1, 2022; reflecting all Year 1 expenditures at the close of the federal budget cycle and the new reporting requirements for capital expenditures.

  • ESSER III - 6 month required update - Safe Return to In-Person Instruction & Continuity of Services Plan (American Rescue Plan) - March 30, 2022 - Updated District Plan

  • ESSER III Integrated Planning Tool (March 30, 2022) - Updated framework for unfinished and supplemental learning, plus additional district service improvements for students and staff.

  • ESSER III - Integrated Planning Tool - Special Education analysis. Approximately 15% of the student body is served within special education; this separate analysis of the ESSER III allocation demonstrates expenditures that support special education either through inclusion in regular services or a unique service function.

  • ESSER III Integrated Planning Tool (October 2021 submission) - Preliminary framework for unfinished and supplemental learning recovery, plus additional district service improvements for students and staff over the next three years to aid in the recovery from the pandemic; this is a spreadsheet document of estimated costs for materials, services, and facility improvements.

  • ESSER III District Plan - Submission - All school districts submit their initial service plans through SmartSheets which doses not have an easy to read document format for posting narratives, but these are the details to the initial budgetary expenses of the Integrated Planning Tool.

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